Our Story

Established in 2020, Little Blue Magpie is a family run business based at the heart of the UK. We specialise in providing play and educational resources for the home, to support the learning of children from birth to 5 years. We also source beautifully crafted toys to enhance learning through play opportunities. 

We are passionate about child development and want to share our passion, knowledge and experience with other parents. We want play to be accessible for all and we know being a parent is often stressful and leaves little time for the 'extras'.

It all started when mum and early years professional Lexi Callaway was inspired to create play and learning opportunities for her daughter Aszouri, more than ever when the UK went into lockdown due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, and stayed home for months on end with a toddler. She wanted to offer not only her ideas, but the resources so other parents could also access the activities. 

The name 'Little Blue Magpie' was inspired by Aszouri. On the day of Lexi's fertility treatment, one little magpie was sat in front of her car. The day she found out she was pregnant, Lexi saw at least one if not several magpies every single day for her entire pregnancy, almost like they were a sign of hope, luck and comfort. On the day Lexi gave birth, the tree outside the hospital was filled with magpies, as though they had come to welcome Aszouri to the world. Magpies have since been a lucky sign for the family and with Aszouri's name meaning 'blue miracle', the business name 'Little Blue Magpie' was born. Aszouri continues to inspire the growth of the company and is an important member of the Little Blue Magpie team, putting our beautiful toys and learning packs to the test. 

Our aim is to bridge the gap in the current market between baby activities and pre-school play, as currently there is much less focus on educational play for toddlers. 

Just a final word to say a huge thank you for supporting my small business. It really does mean the world.