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Outer Space Play Rice

Outer Space Play Rice

Little Blue Magpie
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Our Outer Space Play Rice is most definitely out of this world! With a mix of midnight and granite coloured rice, it creates a beautiful base for space themed play. We have then added speckles of gold with tiny beads for magical starry feel, making this a little bit special! So who's ready to fly to the moon? 

Rice play is an unstructured and open-ended type of play, which means children can explore without rules or limitations. This will help them with their imagination, creativity and critical thinking.

Rice can be used to create small world play set-ups, as a mathematical aid for pouring & measuring quantities, for mark making, crafts & so much more! It can even be placed into clear bottles as a rolling sensory aid for babies! The sensory element also provides a therapeutic quality to the play, which is calming for children. 

Outer Space Rice Colours: Midnight and Granite. Also contains gold beads which makes this play rice not taste safe and we advise against use for under 3s. 

The colours are heat sealed to prevent colour transfer & to maximise longevity. Our rice, if stored correctly, can last for up to 12 months.

Size: 250g or 500g resealable pouch.

(Please note, the objects in the idea set-ups are not included)

Key Areas of Learning:

  • Encourages children to manipulate and explore materials, building up their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
  • This kind of play uses all 5 senses, but mostly tactile (sense of touch/feeling). Children process information through their senses, making this sort of play invaluable for learning.
  • Small world play supports imagination & cognitive growth, as well as children learning about the world around them.
  • Promotes basic mathematical concepts of space, weight & volume.
  • Logical thinking and problem solving skills. 
  • Improves concentration and focus. 
  • Encourages independent play. 
  • Introduces new language.

Our Play Rice comes in a resealable pouch for easy, safe storage & a rice play information sheet with activity ideas.


DISCLAIMER- Our play rice for PLAY PURPOSES ONLY & should NOT be eaten. It is intended to support educational play activities. These products contain small loose parts which may pose a choking hazard. Constant & close adult supervision is required AT ALL TIMES. Please avoid contact with liquids.